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Top Ranked Sites for Students

Our team at MatchCollege has assembled the best student websites below. The categories are broken down by categories such as 1) education, 2) productivity, 3) entertainment, and 4) health to help you navigate the list in a more efficient manner. Find the top student sites and bookmark these pages to help you eat better, get more done, learn more efficiently, and enjoy life to its fullest every day.

Best Student Websites for Productivity

Short Reckonings Struggling to keep track of expenses with your college roommates? Use Short Reckonings to track expenses via a shared, user-friendly spreadsheet. Features include the ability to work offline and make uneven splits by fixed amount, percentage, or weight.

Short Reckonings Website

Utilize the Short Reckonings website to manage expenses and personal finances.

Stickk As a college student, do you struggle achieving your goals? The Stickk website asks you to commit to a contract and remits reminders to help you reach your stated goal(s). Plug in to vibrant communities and be vigilant about reaching your goals.

Stickk Website as Top Productivity Website

The Stickk website helps students set challenging goals and work to achieve those goals.

Spreeder Interested in learning to read faster and comprehend more of what you read? Speeder helps students do read faster and retain more with their software portal.

Spreeder as Best Productivity Website

Spreeder is designed to help students read more efficiently and retain more of what they read. This service allows you the ability to truncate your private email address into an abbreviated URL. We found this exceptional to enhance privacy and reduce spam. Website Used to Enhance Privacy is a service that helps minimize spam by truncating email addresses into a URL.

GetNotify - The GetNotify website allows you to know when and if your email was received by the recipient. Their service allows you to know the time when the email was read and their IP address.

Use GetNotify to Find out When Emails are Read by Recipients

Find out exactly when your email is received and read with GetNotify.

Boxoh Anxious to get the latest care package from your aunt or the latest pair of Air Jordan Retro 11s? Use Boxoh to track the delivery of a package utilizing Google Maps from a variety of parcel carriers.

Track Shipments with Boxoh

Boxoh allows students to track package shipments in a single, convenient portal.

Anki This website is a study tool for students that are visual learners. Akin to using printed flashcards, Anki allows you to create digital flashcards to help remember critical information.

Anki helps save time by digitizing flashcards for studying

The Anki website digitizes flashcards to help visual learners maximize study time.

Forest The Forest app will help you stay off the internet and focus on the task at hand with this handy site. Plant a seed in the forest and watch it grow. Jumping on the internet will prompt the tree to wither. A sense of responsibility, discipline and achievement are wrapped into this platform to help you stay on track for designated blocks of time.

Enhance Calm and Reduce Distractions with Forest

College students can use Forest to stay on task and reduce studying distractions.

Remember the Milk Get help remembering a variety of tasks with Remember the Milk. Get reminded about defined tasks and eliminate the sticky notes to free up crucial head space.

Organize priorities with the Remember the Milk website

Pefect website for busy college students to organize to-do tasks and the homework demands in school.

Tomato Timer Use Tomato Timer to get things done in a specified period of time. This simple, yet effective website has helped students across the country stay on task and be more productive.

Students Can Eliminate Distractions with the Tomato Timer

Keep focused on tasks with this simple, easy-to-use timer.

Best Education Websites

TED TED talks can be educational, entertaining, and inspirational across a wide variety of topics. Listening directly to a TED talk or via a Podcast, get plugged in and keep learning.

TED talks as Best of Education Websites

TED talks can be inspiring, educational, and entertaining for students of all ages.

The Library of Congress Often overlooked, the LOC is an online resource for a number of the most influential political and literary works in America. Dive in and learn today!

Students can leverage the literary works found in the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is home to some of the most important works of literature in our nation.

TinEye - The TinEye website is a reverse image search platform that we found to be better than Google to find alternate versions of a photo or image. Find out where specific images exist across the web by leveraging the TinEye search portal.

Students can use TinEye to help find images for research projects of all types.

Find virtually any image across the internet with the TinEye search portal.

Kahn Academy If you have not heard of Kahn Academy, you should check it out. The sheer number of learning modules and diversity of learning domains is downright irresistible for life-long learners and curious students of all ages.

Students everywhere can benefit from the learning tools at Kahn Academy

The Kahn Academy website hosts thousands of learning opportunities across various subjects.

PicMonkey This online picture editing website allows you to easily add an array effects and fonts to your photos. Feed your creative side with the tools to enhance existing photos and images.

Students can enhance photos with PicMonkey

Create and design your photos with the exceptional tools found on PicMonkey.

ImgOps Locate an exact match or similar type of photo, image, GIF, or hidden data across the internet with ImgOps. This site can be extremely useful for homework assignments and a variety of research projects that require a bit of online sleuthing.

Quickly find images and GIFs across the internet with ImgOps

The ImgOps portal helps students find images and hidden data across the web.

Instructables Get the knowledge to build virtually anything with Instructables. A portal of user-curated how-to articles can help you build anything from a robot to a keezer.

Instructables can help students complete a variety of projects for school

Learn how to make just about anything with online tutorials from Instrucables.

Memrise Are you overwhelmed with school this semester? Consider using Memrise to help break learning down into digestible chunks and master a new skill or a class you registered for in college.

Learn how you learn best with Memrise

Find your learning superpowers with the Memrise website. Simplicity and connectivity sync up in this website. The service allows you to share your screen with anyone in the world to work on a presentation or complete homework in a simple manner.

Use JoinMe to connect study groups or research projects for school

Connect with anyone, anywhere with the power of JoinMe.

Coursera Coursera is a world-class learning portal from topics from Deep Learning to Cryptography. With free classes from top universities and paid courses of all disciplines, the Coursera platform has learning modules for everyone.

Find out what Coursera can do for you by finding learning opportunities online

Coursera is known as one of the largest, most trusted learning portals on the web.

Best Entertainment Websites for Students

TripIt Tired of searching your inbox for your hotel confirmation, flight itinerary, and car rental information? Use TripIt to roll all your travel plans into one location and reduce the email clutter for your next adventure.

Use TripIt to combine all travel plans into a single portal

Consolidate your travel arrangements all in one place with the TripIt website.

Zero Dollar Movies With over 15,000 classic and assorted feature-length films, college students everywhere can enjoy free movies from Zero Dollar Movies. Find eclectic movies from yesteryear hosted on YouTube with your favorite popcorn.

Enjoy free movies from Zero Dollar Movies

Sit back and watch any number of budget-friendly, free movies with Zero Dollar Budget.

Cracked Learn something new in an entertaining manner with Cracked. From photoplasty and random articles, you will be entertained while laughing out loud at your computer screen.

Get Cracked to learn something new in fun, entertaining ways.

Unique insights and entertaining articles can be found with Cracked.

Today I Found Out Learn something new every day with amazing facts and data from all corners of the world. Feed your brain fun facts and compelling stories from around the world.

The website Today I Found Out is a great portal for information and fun facts

Commit to learn something new everyday with Today I Found Out.

Get Your Guide With nearly 35,000 different activities to explore, Get Your Guide is the ultimate portal for students around the world. Find the perfect adventure for you and friends by sorting by location, price, and activity with this website.

Use Get Your Guide to find hundreds of budget-friendly activities

Find something fun to do today with the amazing website Get Your Guide.

Literary Genius As the brain-child of Rap Genius, Lit Genius is a community of literary scholars gathered to annotate classic and contemporary poetry & literature. Newbies can start with the glossary of literary terms while poetry junkies can dive right into the fray.

LitGenius provides a forum for poetry experts and students to enjoy

Plug in to LitGenius to connect with poetry enthusiasts of all types.

Road Trippers Exactly as the name implies, get your road trip on with this expansive website. From day trips to camping guides, you can find a host of options across the nation with Road Trippers.

Use Road Trippers to discover new adventures

Hit the road with Road Trippers to plan your next adventure off campus.

Giphy Locate a world of funny and entertaining GIFs from around the internet with Giphy. Upload and share your favorites and make someone smile today.

Find the perfect GIF with the Giphy website

Express yourself through a GIF with the digital library that is Giiphy.

YouTube The gold-standard for chasing a thought or idea down a rabbit hole. As the second largest search engine on the planet, YouTube has videos for entertainment and education of all kinds. Pick a topic, learn and laugh until you have consumed your fill.

Free Cycle Recycle stuff or buy used goodies by connecting with a local or regional FreeCycle group. With over five thousand groups to choose from, you will only be limited by time and your imagination.

Use FreeCycle to acquire or give away used treasures

Find a local FreeCycle community near you with this great website.

Best Health & Lifestyle Websites for College Students

FitDay FitDay is an online fitness and weight loss journal to help you get on track and stay on track with your health goals. Set a goal, log your activity, and track your progress with this handy website.

Learn what FitDay can do for your health goals

Your personal fitness and weight loss journal FitDay.

Nerd Fitness Plug into the Nerd Fitness community to help educate and inspire you to become the master of your health.

Get fit with this community of misfits and outcasts.

Reach your health goals with the folks at Nerd Fitness.

Student Recipes Learn how to make tasty meals with Student Recipes. From quick and casual meals to hearty and savory, the Student Recipes portal will help you eat better with access to a greater variety of meals than ever before.

Student Recipes will help you find great meals on a student budget.

Locate the perfect meal between classes with Student Recipes.

Fuelly The Fuelly service is for data lovers! Use this service to quickly compare gas consumption of your vehicles and compare your usage to other Fuelly users as well as similar car models. Track the health of your vehicle and your evolving driving habits today.

Track your fuel efficiently with Fuelly

Get Fuelly and find out how efficient you drive given your car's make & model.

Food Babe - Get Vanis guide to grocery shopping and healthy eating on her website Food Babe. Packed with great ideas and healthy recipes, this website will help you eat foods with less additives and feel better about your nutritional habits.

Let Vani help you understand how to become a Food Babe

Get advice from the Food Babe and feel better about your nutrition choices.

The Lean Machines Join Leon and John on their journey to become fit, lean and move better and feel awesome. Their blog is packed with food tips, exercise insights, and inspirational stories about fitness and health.

Reach your personal goals with help from The Lean Machines

John and Leon are The Lean Machines & help students everywhere get fit and eat right.

Sexual Health The American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) is a great portal to help students better understand a myriad of sex-related questions. Filled with great articles, current news, and the latest research on sexual health for both men and women.

Discover insights about sexual health with ASHA.

Get connected with ASHA to learn more about sexual health while in college.

Free Rice Help others by correctly answering vocab questions. The United Nations World Food Program is the non-profit behind this website to provide rice to needy families around the world.

Use Free Rice to help feed the needy

Help feed the needy by answering questions on the website Free Rice.

WebMD Get an assessment of your health online with WebMD. One of the largest and most trusted sources of health and medical information on the web.

Use WebMD to get answers about your health

WebMD is perpetually known as the world's most trusted portal for health information and advice.

Design Wizard - The Design Wizard platform helps students quickly and easily create personalized designs via thousands of pre-made templates. Designs are professional and engaging for presentations and special events.

Design Wizard

Generate great templates for school projects and special events with Design Wizard. Will advise you on the best time to go to bed if you have to be up for class at a specific time. Simple and effective will trump complicated and arduous when it comes to sleep.

Get enough sleep tonight by mapping your rest

Get the right amount of sleep with and thier simple website.

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