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In this section of online learning tools and resources, we have clustered online degree opportunities into 12 different buckets to help you quickly find degree tracks you are most interested in learning more about. Through several years of research and valuable feedback from students across the country, we understand more choices is better than fewer choices when it comes to your education.

As a result, we continue to compile online college information and important data on virtually every degree type across all learning disciplines. This in-depth search capability will provide you an opportunity to sort by areas of interest and collect information from schools that make the most sense for you and your career.

The 12 different areas of study have been broken down to include: business, computer science, education, engineering, healthcare, criminal justice, MBA, nursing, communications, art, psychology, and law. Please find below as brief description of each bucket to help you target a college or degree that is best for you.

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The business cluster is a broad-based group that includes business administration along with several dozen specific disciplines within business. As an example, we have college degree pages dedicated to finance, architecture, supply chain management, real estate, cosmetology, non-profit business, and organizational management to name a few. To learn more about various college degree programs within the business cluster, simply start by visiting our degree resource page.

Computer Science

The computer science grouping of college degree programs are focused on various technical programs from computer science to computer aided design (CAD). The many programs within this group range from robotics to systems engineering to data modeling and everything in between. If you have an interest in a future in web design, electronic commerce, or computer networking domains, just jump to our computer science career resource page.


The clustering of education degree programs is one of the largest groups in our data set. The education cluster includes specialties from counseling to political science to botany and early childhood education, to name a few. With dozens and dozens of degree programs to learn about, dive into your college degree research today in the education sector by starting your teaching degree research with MatchCollege.


The engineering group is a technically-based degree cluster with diverse subject matter from chemical engineering to aviation. By combining the most popular types of engineering degree programs in a single place, it will be simple to perform meaningful research for college degree programs and help you find the best engineering college program for you. To learn more about the various engineering programs available from accredited colleges and universities, visit our resource page today.


One of the largest and most popular clustering of college degree programs, online or traditional classroom-based, is healthcare. The healthcare cluster includes degree and career tracks such as medical assistant, acupuncture, podiatry, forensic science, dentistry, and genetics to name a few. With dozens and dozens of college degree options to learn about, start your research on healthcare programs on our resource page to help you find your perfect college match in the healthcare sector.

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice cluster includes domains that include criminal justice and political science. Within the criminal justice grouping of college degrees, a number of career tracks exist such as bailiff, political science, corrections officer, and judge. For a full list of criminal justice programs, read our career guide for criminal justice majors or visit our resource pages to learn more about this vital industry.


The next resource you can explore is a clustering of MBA programs. We have assembled a cross-section of MBA programs and sub-types to help you find the best program for your career trajectory. As a cursory example, MBA programs extend from traditional business programs to accounting to healthcare to name a few options. The MatchCollege resource page for MBA programs can be found by checking out our business degree portal and researching career opportunities and degree pathways..


The clustering of nursing programs is a popular and burgeoning field that is ever-expanding. In our nursing resource page, we have assembled traditional programs such as RN, pediatric nursing, and family practice nurse in addition to niche degree tracks such as palliative care nurse and mental health nurse. For additional information on online and traditional college degree programs in nursing, visit our dedicated degree portal or nursing career guide.


The MatchCollege degree page within the communications grouping is a valuable tool to help you find the program and college to best align with your goals. Examples of communication degree programs include creative writing, visual communications, multimedia, linguistics, and digital communication. To learn more about degree and career tracks within the communication cluster, invest the time to research accredited schools and degree options within our award-winning portal.


The art cluster is a broad-based category with dozens of specialties and sub-specialties for you to explore. College degree tracks include topics such as illustration, art therapy, fashion design, music, animation, digital arts, and video production to name a few. A full list of art degree resources for online colleges and traditional universities can quickly be accessed through our curated degree portal.


The psychology group is another popular online college degree track for students across the globe. Programs range from traditional programs such as counseling and social work to programs like organizational psychology, behavior science, speech pathology, and cognitive science. Additional information on these degree programs and more can be found via our psychology career guide.


Degree programs in law and law related degree tracks have been assembled in one easy-to-find place for your convenience. This grouping of college degree programs include attorney, justice administration, legal studies, criminology, and court reporting. For both online and traditional settings, you can learn more about law programs on our college degree portal today.

Where Can I find Resources for Online College Programs?

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To learn more about college degree programs that are right for you by clicking on the degree sections above and receive free information from accredited colleges and universities around the country.

For additional information about MatchCollege, visit our blog or Find Your Online College Match portal today.
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