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Essential Career Guides for Students

To help to determine which career path is best for you, we have assembled a list of the most popular guides below. The guides are created to help you understand the intricacies of various career tracks and provide insights to assist you make great decisions about your future. Our career guides are nicely supplemented by college degree pages along with our online college search portal. Aligning your career objectives and aspirations with your personal priorities will allow you to more efficiently move through the decision-making process and find the perfect college for you.

Below you will find a cross-section of valuable career guides to help your research efforts and allow you to connect with applicable colleges that fit you best.

Psychology Career Guide

Career Guide for College Bound Psychology Majors

Psychology Career Guide Overview:

Our career guide in the field of psychology contains various career pathways such as therapy, behavioral, legal, clinical, and legal tracks. The guide goes on to cover typical personality traits, careers, top jobs in psychology, and job descriptions in psychology. Careers in psychology can span from business to healthcare and from social work to public schools.

Career Guide in Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Career Guide

Dental Hygiene Career Guide Overview:

The dental hygiene career pathway guide provides prospective dentistry students with an overview of career tracks in the industry. Careers can span from specialties such as restorative care, digital radiography, occlusion, Endodontics, and specialty care to name a few. Hygienists may find themselves working for a small dental practice, part of a larger corporation, or an an independent contractor. Additional resources for dental hygiene students include our Dental Hygiene: College Search Portal, FAQ, College Programs, and Employment Data.

Essential Guide for Nurses

Nursing Career Guide

Nursing Career Guide Overview:

The nursing career guide is an essential resource for anyone considering a career as a nurse. Topics covered include: types of nursing degrees, career specialties, job descriptions, career options, nursing school options, financial aid for nurses, frequently asked questions, and national nursing resources. Our supplemental career guide titled Nursing Careers for Men provides students with a growing trend of men in the nursing workforce.

Career Guide for Cosmetologists

Cosmetology Career Guide

Cosmetology Career Guide Overview:

This popular guide help cosmetology students better understand the industry, job duties, career pathways, physical demands, employment arrangements, employment statistics, qualifications, licensure, training, and industry outlook. With a combination of soft skills and trade skills, the cosmetology industry is poised to grow at a rate well above the national average growth rate for all jobs. Adjacent careers in barbering, esthetics, and nail tech may be considered for those interested in those vocational pathways.

Career Guide in Welding

Welding Career Guide

Welding Career Guide Overview:

Welding is one of the most important professions affecting nearly half of the country's total gross national product. As such, our career guide in welding uncovers various welding vocations, job types, job descriptions, and applications. By taking a deep dive into the various welding processes and educational requirements, you will have a solid understanding of career tracks in the field.

Career Guide in Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Career Guide

Massage Therapy Career Guide Overview:

Not all career guides are the same. The MatchCollege career guide for massage therapists is a case in point as we tackle key aspects of the vocation. This guide provides students with a career overview along with career opportunities, income data, work settings, steps to become a massage therapist, laws, accreditation, board certification, and professional associations.

Career Guide for Teachers

Teacher Career Guide

Teacher Career Guide Overview:

Teaching, as a vocation, accounts for millions of jobs across the country. Prospects for future growth continue to be bright which will require a cadre of passionate, trained teachers going forward. Our career guide in teaching provides students with different teaching tracks, job descriptions, teaching pedagogy, educational requirements, licensure, and a vocational outlook. Careers in teaching can take you into school administration, science, reading, and elementary education to name a few options.

Career Guide in Radiology

Radiology Career Guide

Radiology Career Guide Overview:

Radiology, as a career, can take a variety of forms. Some graduates focus on radiation therapy while others study nuclear medicine or diagnostic radiology. In either case, we have created a summary to help students understand their options within this healthcare profession. Working environment, job descriptions, and educational requirements are part and parcel of our comprehensive guide.

Career Guide for Medical Insurance Coding Professionals

Medical Insurance Coding Career Guide

Medical Insurance Coding Career Guide Overview:

Medical billing is not the same as medical insurance coding. In fact, the emphasis and training of both career tracks are quite different. Details around medical insurance coding or medical transcription along with medical billing are covered at length in our guide. Taking the time to understand ICD-10 and CPT will help you determine if this field of study is right for you.

Career Guide for Dentists

Dentist Career Guide

Dental Career Guide Overview:

A career in the dental field can include a number of pathways that include a dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, medical lab technician, dental lab technician, and many more. Dentistry is derived from a odontology that focuses on the health, development, and structure of teeth. This guide walks you through job descriptions of each major career path along with common dental treatments, educational requirements, income, and a career outlook.

Career Guide in Pharmacy

Pharmacy Career Guide

Pharmacy Career Guide Overview:

Pharmacy science can include an array of career options for students. As such, we have broken down the most common types of careers within the pharmacy industry coupled with work settings and a comprehensive job description. MatchCollege's career guide in pharmacy tackles the various specialties within the field of study along with a guide to help you determine your next steps as a pharmacy as a pharmacist or pharmacy tech.

Career Guide for Doctors

Doctor Career Guide

Doctor Career Guide Overview:

Med school and Premed is not for everyone. In fact, there are only around 150 med schools in the country compared to over seven-thousand accredited colleges and universities. Such a specialty takes thoughtful research and self-awareness. Our guide helps students understand the various types of specialties a doctor can pursue along with key insights into the medical industry. Additionally, we cover vital employment trends, career paths, educational requirements, and degree programs in this essential guide.

Career Guide for Veterinarians

Veterinarian Career Guide

Veterinary Medicine Career Guide Overview:

Veterinary medicine emphasizes the treatment and care for animals. Essential information for anyone considering a future in veterinary medicine includes: job descriptions, vocational options, areas of specialization, employment outlook, work environment, and steps needed to become a veterinarian or veterinary assistant.

Career Guide in Accounting

Accounting Career Guide

Accounting Career Guide Overview:

To become an accountant, you will need to follow a series of specific steps. As such, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you effectively navigate this process. Accountants will need to meet specific academic criteria and will have the option to specialize in a variety of fields of study including auditing, financial accounting, and forensic accounting.

Career Guide for EMT and Paramedic Specialists

Paramedic & EMT Career Guide

EMT & Paramedic Career Guide Overview:

Paramedics and EMT's are classified as a first-responder in the medical world. Their skills and knowledge are critical to the lives of others which is why effective training is a must. This resource includes what is means to be a first-responder, training requirements, career paths, career outlook, and skills needed to succeed in this field.

Career Guide for Physician Assistants

Physician Assistant Career Guide

Physician Assistant Career Guide Overview:

PA's are also known as Physician Assistants that are state-licensed and nationally certified professionals. Our career guide includes educational requirements, career outlook, job duties, physical demands, work settings, and certifications. With a projected income nearly three times the national average and an employment forecast at nearly 30% over the coming decade, the demand for quality physician assistants is evident.

Career Guide for Physical Therapists

Physical Therapy Career Guide

Physical Therapy Career Guide Overview:

Physical Therapy is often abbreviated at PT and is the discipline of study to help promote, restore, and maintain proper physical functioning of the body. MatchCollege has created a comprehensive guide you need to consume for those seeking a future in the PT specialization. Job responsibilities, job types, vocational tracks, various work settings, and conditions treated by a physical therapist are included in this guide. The career outlook is bright given the fact the BLS estimates a robust 25% growth in this field over the next decade.

Career Guide in Biology

Biology Career Guide

Biology Career Guide Overview:

A definitive career primer in biology is requisite to make a great decision about your future. From academia to private research and from biotechnology to pharmaceuticals, biologists have a substantive impact in many differing sectors of the economy. Career paths, specializations, career outlook, educational requirements, and employment forecasts are available in our resource guide. Adjacent fields of study include cancer biology, bacteriology, bioinformatics, biotechnology, biostatistics, and biophysics to name a few.

Career Guide in HVAC

HVAC Career Guide

HVAC Career Guide Overview:

HVAC or HVACR is the area of study to properly cool and heat commercial and residential structures. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Learn more about the trade, what services technicians perform, daily activities, training requirements, work settings, job growth, employment opportunities, and income with our essential guide.

Career Guide in Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Career Guide

Sports Medicine Career Guide Overview:

Exercise science and sports medicine are areas of study we cover in this career guide. Defining each discipline will help students understand the difference between exercise science and sports medicine. Additionally, we tackle job specialties and their respective job duties to help provide key insights into this area of study. With dozens of career pathways available, a future in sports medicine or exercise science will come into focus.

Career Guide in Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology Career Guide

Speech Pathology Career Guide Overview:

Speech pathology, speech language pathology, and speech therapy aid individuals with various speech disorders. This career guide helps college students understand receptive and expressive language along with career facts, educational requirements, job duties, and licensure requirements in this field of study.

Career Guide for Auto Mechanics

Auto Mechanic Career Guide

Auto Mechanic Career Guide Overview:

Mechanics or automotive mechanics play a vital role in our lives. It is these professionals that help diagnose, repair, and replace various parts and assemblies in our trucks and cars to get them back on the road. You will need extensive training to become an auto mechanic along with a road map we have included in this guide. Employment outlook, income, job duties, and specializations are included in this popular career resource.

Career Guide for Economy Majors

Economist Career Guide

Economist Career Guide Overview:

Students studying economics will need to know essential information as part of a career pathway in this field. Economics blends quantitative reasoning with deep analysis to make sense of the world around us. As such, we have provided a deep dive into what an economist does for a living coupled with areas of specialization, career outlook, and qualifications to become an economist.

Career Guide for a Financial Planner

Financial Planner Career Guide

Financial Planner Career Guide Overview:

Financial planning is synonymous with titles such as financial analyst, financial consultant, and financial advisor. In most cases, the job title and job function are aligned to describe the duties of a financial planner. Our comprehensive guide in the financial planning realm will help students understand the scope of the job, requirements, fiduciary responsibilities, career outlook, income forecasts, degree paths, licensure requirements, and industry employers.

Career Guide for Medical Assistants

Medical Assistant Career Guide

Medical Assistant Career Guide Overview:

Medical assistants provide a vital role in the healthcare arena. A MA or medical assistant works closely with physicians in outpatient facilities or ambulatory care settings clinics. This career guide will help you better understand the job duties of an MA along with areas of specialty, job responsibilities, work setting, job outlook, certifications, and how to become a medical assistant.

Career Guide in Sociology

Sociology Career Guide

Sociology Career Guide Overview:

Earning a college degree in sociology encompasses far more than most people imagine. In fact, sociology touches on foundational elements of business, economics, psychology, criminal justice, public policy, law, social work, government, and teaching. To that end, we have created a useful career guide that includes job duties, work settings, job overview, career outlook and educational requirements of a sociologist.

Career Guide for a Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer Career Guide

Mechanical Engineering Career Guide Overview:

As a broad-based engineering discipline, mechanical engineering leverages knowledge from materials science, physics, manufacturing, and engineering to solve thorny issues or create new products. This guide helps students understand the basis tenants of mechanical engineering, job duties, specialties, qualifications, qualities, emerging opportunities, job outlook, and licensure in the field of study.

Career Guide in Forensic Science

Forensic Science Career Guide

Forensic Science Career Guide Overview:

Forensic science is the area of study emphasizing the examination of crime scene evidence. This career overview helps students intimately understand the career responsibilities, educational requirements, career paths, employment opportunities, job growth, income expectations, and adjacent career opportunities.

Guide to the ROTC

ROTC Guide

ROTC Guide Overview:

Our guide to the ROTC covers the essentials of the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC programs plus JROTC programs for various branches of the military. ROTC in college is a specific program that may be of interest to a wide variety of students. Additionally, we include a number of valuable scholarship opportunities for you to review as an attractive aspect of the ROTC program.

College Degrees for Animal Lovers

Top Degrees For Animal Lovers

Top College Degrees for Animal Lovers Overview:

For those individuals with a love for animals, we have created a comprehensive guide to a variety of career paths. From vocations such as marine biology to equine studies and from fishery science to dairy science, we have a broad array of career opportunities to fit your passion. Take the time to research these fields of study and collect information from colleges that make the most sense for you with MatchCollege.

For additional resources, make sure to visit MatchCollege and subscribe to our blog for the latest in college information.

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