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Discover online college degree programs by career type and state.

Online College Programs by Career Type & State

As a continued commitment to our dedication to provide comprehensive and useful information for your college search, we have created an online degree section that is searchable by state and degree type. Similar to other online college and degree pages across MatchCollege, the clustering of degrees is grouped into twelve meta-themes below to provide quick access to programs on this page followed by a deep dive into hundreds and hundreds of degree programs. The detailed search results will yield specific degree programs within each meta-themed degree track to help you manually search for college degree programs and colleges of interest to you.

More specifically, if you select New York and Business, you will be taken to a page created for colleges and college degree programs in the State of New York offering business degrees of all types.  Likewise, if you are interested in learning more about what accredited Nursing degree programs exist in California, simply select the state of origin on the left-hand drop down menu and Nursing from the right-hand drop down to be taken to a state-specific and degree-specific page.  From there, you will be able to perform very specific research on schools and degree programs that are the best fit for you and your career aspirations.   This search capability is a powerful tool you can easily harness to learn more about the individual subjects that interest you most.

MatchCollege Automated Matching Tool

Conversely, you can quickly use our proprietary online college and degree matching tool to find schools and programs that fit your goals and objectives.  The proprietary matching tool gives you a broader number of college and degree options if you are not quite sure what programs are looking to learn more about.

The matching tool includes the ability to sort schools and programs by: relevance, state of origin, or tuition.  We also give you the opportunity to drill deeper into the school type to learn more about 4-Year colleges and universities, community colleges, trade schools, and career colleges.  Next, the matching tool allows you to sort online learning programs by degree which ranges from certificate programs, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degree programs.

Finding Your Perfect College Match

The MatchCollege online matching tool provides you with the ability to further sort by by school specialty and legal structure including: public colleges, private colleges, graduate schools, alternative medicine schools, career colleges, community colleges, massage schools, cosmetology colleges, fashion art schools, and healthcare nursing colleges. We also provide you with the ability to search for colleges and college degree programs by state as part of the matching tool.

After selecting the school type, degree type, and school sorting methodology you can ask for college degree results for a specific state.  The last piece of our powerful matching algorithm is the ability to further filter college degree programs and schools by degree type.  By selecting the degree type in conjunction with the state and school type, you are getting very specific results to learn more about.  Better yet, our matching tool provides results under 3 milliseconds, on average.  With thousands of school and degree options to explore, an online college match is truly just a click away with MatchCollege.


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Only with Matchcollege can you easily and quickly Find Your College Match through our proprietary matching portal and then check out a number of valuable online college resources on our blog including these articles: To learn more about college degree programs that are right for you by clicking on the degree sections above and receive free information from accredited colleges and universities around the country. For detailed information about online college degree programs, simply visit our blog or utilize our proprietary college degree matching portal today.
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